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May 2020 - July 2020 | 4 Sprints
Project Overview
Ellevation Math is a newly launched product aiming to help K-12 English learners to master math concept. The goal of this project was enabling teachers to get the actionable insights on tests results through adding new features.
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My Contributions
I led the design and research effort of this project, collaborating with PM, Engineers, Sales, and Ed Solution Specialist.


Teachers on Ellevation Platform are having difficulties getting the actionable insights they want on the test results.


- A new Error Analysis feature was delivered to help teachers better support their students based on the results.
- The Summary Insights was added to the current Student Results Page.


I got started by diving into the research to understand more about how educators and how they are using the results in their day-to-day teaching cycle to support the Els.



Competitive Analysis

Understand how educators use the results
Dive deep into different types of users
Learn from other
EdTech competitors


The key insights gained from the research:

1. Educators need the ability to get the overall performance insights by looking at some key metrics to help them decide whether further instruction is needed.

2. A question by question type of error analysis is desired to help teachers with the small-group reteaching.

Design & Test

After getting to know what kinds of insights are helpful in the assessment, I began with the concept design and tested with internal educators to help me dig into the problems and get more insights more users.

Ideation & Concept Testing

I went broad at first to get feedback on what' working and what's not working. After 5 rounds of testings, I decided to build two separate tabs: one for performance summary, the other for question by question error analysis.


01 - How to help users get the most out of the performance summary insights?


02 - How to enable users to quickly identify which question analysis to look into?


03 - How to enable users to view the results more efficiently?

Solution Highlights

How the design support the brokers needs?

Evaluate & Results

In order to test the assumptions and keep improving, we tested this solution with 5 real users and 4 internal participants.


External participants

Metrics measured

Internal stakeholders

4 teachers and 1 EL specialist
To test our assumptions
To get feedback from various sources
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