Content Management System

Aug 2020 -  Present
Project Overview
Ellevation Math empowers K-12 ELs to learn math with confidence. Currently, there is no place to  manage the content but spreadsheets. I initiated this project to help the internal content managers do the work more efficiently.
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My Contributions
I led the design and research effort of this project, collaborating with PM, Engineers, and Content Managers.


It's time-consuming for content mangers to create and manage math content manually as content is growing quickly.


An MVP for math content management tool was designed to help content managers efficiently manage the content. Content managers are able to view, edit, and create primers all in one place.

Below shows designs that mainly focuses on a particular flow:
edit and create new primer slides.

Click to view the prototype in Figma
Select a primer to edit

Content managers are able to view the primer list and select one primer to edit.

View and Reorder

A list view is provided to enable users to have a quick way to reorder the slides through the drag and drop.

Edit slides

Content managers are able to edit the slides within the context to help them always stay in the flow.

Create new slides

Content managers can simply create a new slides by editing it in the list.

Task Flows

Wireframes that helps the team

Evaluate & Results

This project is still in-progress. I will keep testing with internal content managers to make improvements.

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